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The Importance of Keeping Your Car Looking Like New

Whether you use your car all the time for the daily school run or commute, or if it just sits on the driveway or in your garage for most of the time, your car will pick up dirt, dust, grime, scrapes, scratches and damage off all kinds to its interior and exterior. Since most people buy a car with the thought of selling it on a few years later in mind its surprising how many people neglect to realise the importance of keeping your car looking like new inside and out, not just because this will improve the resale value and stem some of the depreciation, but also because it can help keep your car in peak physical condition and prevent the outbreak of more costly problems at a later date. If you are not a massive fan of cleaning but want to keep your car in a regular state of cleanliness, or if you just want to give your car a major overhaul before you sell it on but don`t have the expertise, the tools or the time to make a good go of if yourself, you`ll probably be interested by the services offered by car valeting companies, which exist in most areas up and down the country and can take the hassle out of exterior and interior car detailing. Here`s a couple of the services we provide, as well as a couple of tips that could help you keep your car in good condition on your own.

Key Car Valeting Services - If your car is in a bit of a state then you`ll probably want to opt for a Full Valet, which can cost from 70. However, bear in mind that if there`s a particular area of your car that you want to work on specifically and you don`t want the rest of your car touched then you can have partial valeting performed to your own needs. A full valet will clean your wheel arches, restore the look and colour of your tyres. Your windows will be cleaned inside and out to restore optical clarity and remove any stubborn films and deposits, and your paintwork can be reinvigorated and restored through polishing and waxing. Inside, all upholstery and carpets can be shampooed and vacuumed, or if you have leather upholstery a thorough restoration can be performed. Interior plastics and the dash can be rejuvenated with special products, and your car will feel like new without you having to lift a finger. Most valeting services now operate on a mobile basis, meaning that they can come straight to your home at your convenience, and you could schedule regular car care straight to your door. By keeping your exterior paint free from stone chips and scrapes you can lessen the risk of rust setting in and destroying your metal body panels, which is a special consideration for owners of older vehicles.

Car Washing Tips - If you want to keep your exterior clean yourself, go to your local car superstore and get a good car shampoo, a sponge and a leather or synthetic shammy and some wax that meets the specifications of your vehicle. Lather and wash your car gently with the sponge and shampoo and then rinse and aid the drying process with the shammy to ensure that you are given a streak-free finish. Applying a wax to your bodywork will not only protect your paint, but give your car a new sheen and a eiderdown touch to it. During the winter keeping your car in a garage is desirable, but if you can`t swing that then you might consider buying a car cover so that the harshest of the elements don`t damage your paintwork, increase your car insurance premium or reduce the resale value of your car.

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