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 Cost from 85 depending on size and condition of vehicle - please allow up to 3 hours for a full valet  and acid rain.

-    Wheels and arches cleaned, tyres are dressed to restore appearance of side walls.
     Particular care to restore alloy wheels.

-    Door shuts cleaned.

-    Windows cleaned and polished inside and out, treated to remove stubborn film, restore
     optical clarity and improve wiper glide.

-    Exterior plastic trims and bumpers dressed to matt black finish.

-    All exterior chrome and aluminium polished.

-    Power wash for older cars with hand held buffing machine to restore faded paint colour
     T-Cut and compound polish available.

-    Carpets, floor mats and fabric shampooed using low odour solvent removes non-water
     stains i.e. oil, grease and make-up...


-    Leather cleaned and softened with specially formulated product.  Dirt is gently but
     effectively lifted from the pores, creases and seams through a soap.  When dry they are

     conditioned to restore and protect the leather.

-    Boot area is vacuumed and cleaned including spare tyre area.

-    Headlining cleaning is optional.

-    Dashboard and facia, interior plastics and door panels polished.

-    Air vents/ashtrays cleaned and air freshened to eliminate odours.